Zoom Karaoke Winners - Susan Boyle

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Zoom Karaoke Winners - Susan Boyle

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1 Susan Boyle Amazing Grace 3:47
2 Susan Boyle Cry Me A River 2:48
3 Susan Boyle How Great Thou Art 3:23
4 Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream (Album Version) 3:15
5 Susan Boyle Proud 3:29
6 Susan Boyle Silent Night 3:07
7 Susan Boyle The End Of The World 3:20
8 Susan Boyle Up To The Mountain 3:38
9 Susan Boyle Who I Was Born To Be 4:16
10 Susan Boyle Wild Horses 5:04
11 Susan Boyle You'll See 4:51
Currently unavailable MP3+G format