A Revolution In Karaoke!

April 1st, 2017
We are proud to introduce you to our newest Zoom innovations...
Presenting the VINYL+G™ format and our unique RecordOke Player™!

Our technical team at Zoom have been hard at work on this marvel of the modern age since 2007, when the renewed interest in vinyl records as a format really gripped the world. Unlike most record players, our unique RecordOke Player™ has a special Split\/\/Needle™ stylus with built in back-lit projector, so that the lyrics appear before your very eyes inside the lid of the deck!

Our patented Nanogroove™ technology is built into every VINYL+G™ record we sell. Our VINYL+G™ records surpass the usual standard of just microgrooves that you would find in an ordinary record, within every microgroove on our format there are two Nanogrooves™. One contains the music as normal and one contains the lyrics, but both are read simultaneously by our Split\/\/Needle™ stylus. The vibrational data is then sent along the stylus to the back-lit projector which instantly projects the lyrics and karaoke swipe on to the inside lid of the RecordOke Player™.

Now you can enjoy the warm, analogue sounds of your favourite karaoke tracks! Our initial wave of products available, include our very popular Pop Box sets, as well as the Pop Chart Picks series.

Visit our (sadly very digital) website: https://zoom-entertainments.co.uk to sign-up for an account and register your interest in further updates about the exciting future of karaoke!

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