Pop Chart Picks CD+G Subscription Now Available

October 1st, 2019
You can now sign up to our Pop Chart Picks subscription service here: https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0002MZEFAGWF

How it works:

1) Sign up to the service through the link above.
2) Each time a new Pop Chart Picks CD+G is released we will take £9.95 from your bank account via Direct Debit.
3) We won't release more than 1 issue per month.
4) You can cancel anytime you like with no penalty.
5) Discs are delivered by Royal Mail and postage is included in the price of £9.95.

NOTE: Pop Chart Picks CD+G discs are CD+G DISC ONLY, not downloads. Please ensure your machine can play 'burnt' discs. We use the highest quality CDRs and they are silk screen printing and look virtually identical to 'pressed' CDs.

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