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Removal of Sony/ATV and EMI Karaoke Tracks

May 9th, 2017
The Sony/ATV Music publishing group (which includes EMI Music Publishing) have refused permission to allow Zoom to resell karaoke versions of their repertoire. A representative from the publishing group made the following statement:

'Sony/ATV is prepared to approve the licensing of our repertoire to karaoke companies in the UK where we are wholly satisfied that the relevant company is not breaching the terms of KAR, LOML, LOML+ and other relevant licences and is not infringing our copyrights in any respect. So far, we have not been able to satisfy ourselves that Zoom falls into that category so it has been decided that at the present time we are not prepared to make a decision to permit exploitation of our repertoire by Zoom. I appreciate that Zoom has made efforts to remove our repertoire from its services already. I would ask that this is maintained, on a worldwide basis, until we notify you otherwise. This is not necessarily a final decision and we will review over the coming months as we gather more information concerning licensing and business practices concerning both online and physical products. Please note that we have reached the same decision in respect of several other large karaoke companies.'

This affects karaoke formats sold via digital download (MP3+G and MP4 formats).

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