How the service works

Our website sells karaoke tracks and backing tracks via instant download - and we also have a custom CD+G service: you can choose the tracks you want, and we'll burn the disc for you and send it out in the post.

If you're looking to buy ready-made karaoke discs, you can browse through our range of CD+G and DVD discs.

We sell karaoke songs and backing tracks in 3 different formats: each format is colour coded on the website so you know exactly what you're buying:

We offer free sample track downloads, so you know exactly what you're getting.

As well as offering individual songs, you can also buy albums in the 3 different formats to save even more money.

Here's a bit more information about the 3 different track formats:

MP3+G karaoke files


MP3+G stands for MP3+Graphics.

Each MP3+G track consists of two files: one file is an MP3 file which contains the music/audio track. The second file is a .cdg file which contains the lyrics/graphics that you see on-screen.

When both files are played together at the same time you have a karaoke track with lyrics synchronised to the music to indicate when the singer should sing.

We supply MP3+G files zipped together. This means instead of having to download two separate files for each karaoke track, you just download one zip file for each song. Most karaoke software programs that play MP3+G files will play them without you having to unzip them first.

All of our MP3+G tracks are 320kbps.

MP4 karaoke videos


These are high definition karaoke video files.

They do not have moving pictures in the background, they have a solid background.

Our MP4 files are 1280 x 720 pixels in size (720p HD).

MP3 backing tracks


These are just backing tracks without any on-screen lyrics.

They are all 320kbps.

When you have made a purchase, you can download your tracks from the orders area of your account. Simply click on the download button for each track, and it will download to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay by credit/debit cards, or through PayPal. If you experience any payment problems please get in touch.
Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, you need to spend a minimum of £1.50 GBP before you can checkout.
How much are your tracks?
Single tracks are £1.50 GBP each, but we also sell downloadable albums in MP3+G, MP4 and MP3 format; tracks in these albums generally cost no more than £1.00 GBP each.

If you add 15+ individual tracks to your cart, the price is automatically reduced to £1.00 per track.
What key are your songs in?
All tracks are in the same key as the original song unless stated otherwise. We recommend using PitchSwitch to change the key of MP3 and MP3+G files. You cannot change the key of MP4 files easily!
Can you supply tracks in different keys?
Not at the moment; we recommend buying PitchSwitch to change the key of MP3 and MP3+G files.
How can I play MP3+G karaoke tracks?

There are plenty of free programs that play MP3+G karaoke files. We recommend:

Can I buy karaoke discs direct from your website?
You can browse through our range of CD+G and DVD discs. If you are interested in making a bulk purchase or buying discs to resell, then please contact us.
How do I download my purchases?
You can download your individual track and downloadable album purchases immediately after checkout from the orders area of your account.
What format can I order a custom disc in?
We only offer custom discs in CD+G format.
Which countries do you deliver to?
We only ship physical items to the United Kingdom. If you are outside the UK you can get a UK shipping address here:
How much is a custom CD+G disc?
Custom CD+G discs are £16.00 GBP for up to 15 songs (provided there's space on the disc for them). That includes VAT and UK delivery.
What songs are on the Zoom medleys?
You can download the medley track listings (PDF format).
I have an account on your old/previous website; will I be able to login with the same details?
No, you will need to create a new account to purchase from this website. This only takes a minute, but it ensures that our database is fully up to date.